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Buying and selling horses?  Good information from a reliable source makes it easier! 

Search our database! More importantly keep the industry honest & register YOUR horses and encourage clients to do the same. 

Let's keep the industry growing

You may be a breeder ... you are most certainly a rider or owner but your most important role in the sport horse industry could be as that person who coaches their students in equestrian life skills ... like paying attention to horse pedigrees! The younger the better. 

Make a point today at the end of your lesson, to tell your students to go online and register their horse with whatever they know. And you can check the next day.

The more horses that are recorded early on by everyone, the less chance you will end up buying or selling a horse that is actually 5 to 8 years older than you thought! We all know it happens. 

We are re-launching the NZ Sport Horse Register as a centralised online record that caters for all horses and ponies involved in any equestrian sport.  It goes beyond what information is on record with various breed societies, ESNZ, Pony Clubs, RAS, NZ Racing Conference, Hunt Clubs and more. It is totally open and the public can search online for any recorded horse from our website HERE or at Competitors - NZ Sport Horse Register (

The Register itself will track the basic details only - name of horse, DOB, colour, breed registration, gender, breeder, current owner, sire, dam, sire of dam. That’s all you need to start. No paperwork to fill in! In fact, if the horse has entered any Main-Events show, you will find most of the info is already in place. We pitched the price on this at $5 to make it economical to record multiple horses. 


And it will only take 5 minutes.  Even if you or your students don't know all the details, it is a start. We expect the real breeder or owner will contact us to fill in the gaps. 

NZ Sport Horse Studbook

The more comprehensive NZ Sport Horse Studbook will be the next step in a full registration but it is optional. It extends the equine registration with 3 generation pedigrees, UELN numbers, microchip and/or DNA records, markings, photos, other registration details and a classy printed Certificate of Registration. And where possible linked directly to performance records held by Equestrian Sport NZ and others. 

Please make an effort especially to educate the future riders of the value of pedigrees as well as performance. And keep the industry growing with accurate and timely data. Our sport will be all the better for it. 

Thank you.

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