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What came first ...
the horse or the rider?

Long before you fell in love with your horse, some breeder studied sires and bloodlines so they could make the perfect match for their much loved mare.

And you now have that special horse !


Mission & Approach


Breeding good horses is not just the responsibility of the stud or mare owner. All those involved in the sport should be watching and learning about bloodlines - especially those becoming successful.

The NZ Sport Horse Register is non-aligned. All breeds were welcome and all pedigrees are accepted but flagged as verified or not traced so that we can move forward with each generation. There was no compulsion to breed along certain lines – the philosophy was that publishing performance records already in place with Equestrian Sport NZ and other organisations would provide the tangible incentives needed to breed top horses from proven bloodlines.

To be effective, we need as many of our horses used in equestrian sport on record in one place with basic pedigree and breeder info. 

Our goal is to have every horse used in equestrian sport whether jumping, dressage, harness, pleasure or showing etc ... register online with the NZ Sport Horse Register as a first step - or as additional to a breed registration.

The Register supports the breeding objectives of individual breed societies - these connections will be recorded within the NZ Sport Horse Register for others to find. 

You may ask "I just ride so what's in it for me to record my horse?" 

We say you owe it to the equestrian community. You owe it the breeders who keep trying to produce the perfect horse. You owe it to the future of the sport.

If your horse is not yet registered by the breeder, you can do it. Just make sure you give the breeder recognition and specify any breed registration so they get credit too. 

The NZ Sport Horse Register will grow into a valuable source of info and you will want to be one of the first in to show your support. 

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