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Riders & Owners

A wise rider from Europe once told us ... when selling a horse in Europe the buyers first question is ... "What is the breeding? . In the USA they ask "What does he jump like? ". In NZ, the first question is usually "How big is the horse?" :-)

Isn't it time we paid more attention to bloodlines and gave credit to the breeders?

You are very important

So you are not a breeder? Breeders tend to be fanatical about pedigrees and we expect most of this group will want to come on board early to document their progeny in official records. Riders and owners not so much.  But when 99%+ of horses out there are probably not with their breeders, you as as a group are VERY IMPORTANT to help us document bloodlines.  

We are re-launching the NZ Sport Horse Register as a centralised online record that caters for all horses and ponies involved in any equestrian sport.  It goes beyond what information is on record with various breed societies, ESNZ, Pony Clubs, RAS, NZ Racing Conference, Hunt Clubs and more. It is totally open and the public can search online for any recorded horse from our website HERE or for more options at Competitors - NZ Sport Horse Register (


The Register will track the basic details only - name of horse, age, colour, breed registration, gender, breeder, current owner, sire, dam, sire of dam. That’s all you need to start. No paperwork to fill in! In fact, if your horse has entered any Main-Events show, you will find most of the info is already in place when you start the application process.


Even if you are not sure who the sire is ... you can record the horse and somewhere along the line a breeder will spot the listing and say "Hey ... that is one of mine!"  and fill in the gaps. So if you are a breeder, owner, rider or stud you can record horses in the online NZ Sport Horse Register. Then anyone noticing an error in spelling or pedigrees can notify us. In this manner, we are confident the database will have more integrity than most.


Stallion owners and breeders will be invited to “accept” a registration as in line with their expectations (eg by their stallion or out of their mare) so we can start to tidy up spelling and other stuff.

NZ Sport Horse Studbook


The more comprehensive NZ Sport Horse Studbook will be the next step but it is optional. It is also a few months away (rules & regulations take time!) but start with the Register and apply for the Studbook if and when ready.


The NZ Sport Horse Studbook extends the equine registration with 3 generation pedigrees, UELN numbers, microchip and/or DNA records, markings, photos, other registration details and a classy printed Certificate of Registration. And where possible linked directly to performance records held by Equestrian Sport NZ and others. 


Both the NZ Sport Register and the NZ Sport Horse Studbook will be completely open and transparent and searchable online. It will be a great resource for those buying, selling, running shows or just learning more about horses they see out and about.


Our goal is to make all those involved in our equestrian community more interested in where their horses come from and over the coming years - where they go to.

Starting with YOU!

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