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Stud Farms & Breeders

How many of you spend hours studying bloodlines and performance to get the perfect horse only to see its pedigree & your connection to the horse disappear once sold. 

Are you the forgotten link? Register your horse with us and you will stay connected!

We keep you connected

So you are a breeder? There is no point in preaching to the converted ... we know you know how important bloodlines are to the business. We are confident you will see the merits in recording your horses and ponies with the all new NZ Sport Horse Register. We just need to convince everyone else to do the same. 

We are re-launching the NZ Sport Horse Register as a centralised online record that caters for all horses and ponies involved in any equestrian sport.  It goes beyond what information is on record with various breed societies, ESNZ, Pony Clubs, RAS, Hunt Clubs and more. It is totally open and the public can search online for any recorded horse from our website HERE or at Competitors - NZ Sport Horse Register ( If you bred the horse and record it, it will be there for all to see ... forever. 

And if you record it now ... it will appear on the Register list instantly and your receipt will be emailed direct! No delays. 


The Register itself will track the basic details only - name of horse, DOB, colour, breed registration, gender, breeder, current owner, sire, dam, sire of dam. That’s all you need to start. No paperwork to fill in! In fact, if your horse has entered any Main-Events show, you will find most of the info is already in place. We pitched the price on this at $5 to make it economical for breeders such as you to go back and record any of your horses out competing here or overseas. 


We kept the Register as basic info only so that riders or owners could record their horse in 5 minutes.  Even if they don't know all the details, it is a start. As a breeder, we invite you to keep an eye out and somewhere along the line you will spot one of yours. "Hey ... that is one of mine!" and contact us to fill in the gaps. Don't be shy. In this way, we are confident this database will have more integrity than most.

As a stallion owner and mare owner, you will be invited to “accept” a registration as in line with your expectations (eg by your stallion or out of your mare) so we can start to tidy up spelling and other stuff. This tick appears in the Register listing.  DNA typing and microchips are part of the ID process in the full studbook registration.

NZ Sport Horse Studbook


The more comprehensive NZ Sport Horse Studbook will be the next step in a full registration process but it is optional. It is also a few months away (rules & regulations take time!) but start with the Register and apply for the Studbook when ready.


The NZ Sport Horse Studbook extends the equine registration with 3 generation pedigrees, UELN numbers, microchip and/or DNA records, markings, photos, other registration details and a classy printed Certificate of Registration. And where possible linked directly to performance records held by Equestrian Sport NZ and others. 

Eligible stallions and mares will be recognised in the studbook for their performance or the performance of their progeny using a three level system - details of which are still being worked out.


Both the NZ Sport Register and the NZ Sport Horse Studbook will be completely open and transparent and searchable online. It will be a great resource for those breeding and selling horses.


Our goal is to make all those involved in our equestrian community more interested in where their horses come from and over the coming years - where they go to. 

We want to keep you connected to that future.

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