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The New Zealand
Sport Horse

All new online database for 
horses & ponies in equestrian sport


Online searchable record of horses & ponies in any equestrian sport

5 minutes and $5 is all it takes to be in.
No paperwork ... do it all online.


The NZ Sport Horse Register is working in partnership with using their underlying SQL database to provide functionality to drive the searchable database.

You start by clicking on Register your equine button above
or directly online at


The Register is a first step listing with essential details that we should all know about. Name, colour, gender, DOB, breed, breeder, sire, dam & sire of dam. It takes 5 minutes to get the job done. 


Stallion Register

More on this later ... but watch this space as we will be providing lists of stallions out there with links back to the studs concerned.  A mare owners treasure house! 


The Studbook will be launched over the winter once rules & regulations have been sorted. It will be a performance based studbook which recognises top performers no matter what their bloodlines. It is a start!


A bit of history. And some thoughts for where to from here. 

"It is more important than ever that we recognise and celebrate equestrian bloodlines in this country.  At one stage in 2003, NZ horses would have been ranked 1st in the world in the FEI World Breeding Championships for Eventers if an eligible studbook.

The re-launch of the NZ Sport Horse Register will 
get NZ horses back on track!"  

Anne Vallance, original founder of the NZ Sport Horse Breeders & Owners Assoc in 1987.

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